Outdoors activities !

Horse riding, water skiing, cycling, walking, climbing...

Provided that the timing and the destination choice are right, you will discover Greece and Rep.of North Macedonia as a perfect environment for outdoor sports and recreation. 
The well-preserved natural heritage, the many national parks and the large expanses of wilderness will enable you to enjoy scenic landscapes while practising your favourite outdoor sport or trying some new one. 
 Walking  cycling  paragliding  horse riding  water skiing... 
An unforgettable experience that will let you reconnect with nature as well as your own body.

In the snow ! 

When we think of the Balkans in winter, what are the first things to come to mind? Mountains, cold weather, snow...
Yes, but also and especially :

 Skiing (there are no self-contained ski stations in the region, but only mountain resorts developed around non-tourist villages)
 Snowshoe trekking
 Mountain cuisine
 Relaxing around the fire
 Hiking (following in wolves' and bear's paw steps ofr example)
 Recovering your wellness at a spa retreat amidst nature

And, on top of it all, warmth and authenticity, idyllic villages, heartfelt moments with locals, pleasure, rest, sports, relaxation, stillness, serenity, simplicity, surprises... Transcending time and space...