~ Terms & Conditions ~

The right of access to one's personal data:

Your personal details will be processed exclusively by the New Odyssey ; in no case will they be transferred (let alone, sold) to a third party.
Under legislation currently in effect (Article 34 of the French Republic's Information Technology and Freedoms Law ("Informatique et Libertés"), enacted on January 5, 1978), you are entitled to access, modify, correct and remove your personal data. Should you need to do so, please write at: manager@nouvelle-odyssee.com.

Travel estimate:

A cost estimate for your travel project is free of charge and non-binding. 

It will be valid for one week if the travel dates fall between September and June (except for the school breaks). 
The validity will be 48 hours if the planned trip coincides in time with school holidays (unless the request has been submitted more than 6 months in advance).

Please note the following:

 High-quality lodgings are always in high demand, even more so in July and August

So just be realistic: If you are contemplating a holiday for this time of year, remember that the earlier you start your preparations, the better chance you have of getting accommodation you want - last-minute bookings may leave you frustrated and disillusioned. And by "last-minute" I mean 3 months ahead of the departure date (that is, submitting your request not until April);

 With this in mind, it stands to reason to start preparing your trip even as early as a year in advance, especially if you want it to be something special. Conventional wisdom has it that preparations for a sojourn during school holidays should get underway at least 6 months in advance and for a term-time one, minimum 3 months beforehand.

Terms of Payment:

 Fees for organising services (establishing contact with local providers of accommodation, activities, etc.) shall be paid via bank transfer. Your hospitality providers' contact details will be sent to you within 48 hours after the receipt of the organising fee payment.

 All other payments due shall be made directly to the relevant providers (with a credit/debit card, Paypal, via bank transfer or upon arrival), according to each of the providers' terms of payment. 

Airplane tickets:

Booking or purchasing airplane tickets is your personal responsibility. The New Odyssey is not a travel agency and therefore has no license to sell plane tickets. However, I can offer you some advice and assistance in finding the flight that would suit you best.