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To make sure your vacation is a success, try to combine sightseeing and excursions with sports and recreational activities or the "far-niente". This will let you diversify beyond the "ancient ruins" while also making all your travel mates and yourself happy. The model programmes featured below all follow the rhythm of the South: no rushing around, no long tiresome day trips to make; instead, a laid-back, relaxed pace of life, which will help you accumulate energy while also bringing you more in tune with yourself and the surrounding world.

 Cuisine is, obviously, an essential part of any culture. Foodie travel in Greece and Rep.of North Macedonia will give you an opportunity to visit some of the Balkans' richest culinary corners, exploring the region's culture through its fare. So wake up your senses for an exciting journey into the realm of scents and flavours.

Arranging your trip well in advance will ensure a harmonious, carefree travel experience. So feel free to contact me for further information and/or to request a cost estimate. Thank you.

Exploring religious heritage

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Churches, monasteries and mosques (these latter can be found in the Republic of North Macedonia where Islam is a major religion) are part and parcel of the two countries' landscape. It's true that some of the modern buildings may have a certain charm to them. 

But the structures that have come down to us from the Byzantine era are real gems (not least because in those days architecture was governed by the principles of beauty rather than design). And inside, there are yet more treasures to discover, notably religious artwork (with icon painting being the best known example), which can be appreciated by any visitor, a believer and non-believer alike.  Even more so since in this region, houses of worship would have been often constructed away from big population centres, somewhere on a mountain or in a wilderness area - the kind of location that is likely to add to a sensitive traveller's joy. There's no need to make your visit devoted entirely to religious heritage. You may well combine this theme with sports & recreation activities, for example, so that the trip could be enjoyable for everyone of your travel mates.   

 Travel guides 

The minimum that we can expect of a travel guide is that he or she should be a native or a long-time resident of the country we are visiting. 

This seems obvious, but those of you who have ever travelled with a tour agency know that, more often than not, this requirement will be ignored. However efficient, a travel guide who flies into a country a couple of days before yourself will hardly be able to competently tell you about local culture and traditions, or to suggest any interesting excursions (let alone to "guide" you in the literal sense; that is, to help you find your way around the area). Here is what it takes to be a good travel guide:

 knowing his/her country perfectly well (its geography, culture, traditions, etc.);

 being cultured and courteous, as well as having the skill and passion to communicate to others his/her knowledge about a place as well as his/her feelings for it;

 being an honest and reliable person, whom you could trust and who is sure to do his/her best to make your visit an unforgettable experience, one helping you reconnect with nature, humanity, and your real self.