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Travelling solo 

Long live freedom!!! 

It would be a shame, really, not to use your vacation as an opportunity to travel just because you are currently not in a relationship or have no friends free to join you during your time off. And then again, why should this stop you from hitting the road? All the more so since travelling solo is a format that has its own unbeatable advantages and is associated by many with the feeling of extraordinary freedom. Indeed, it can be the best choice for someone aspiring for a journey toward the unknown, with no constraints or compromises...

Travelling without a companion may feel even better if you:
know that your accommodation has been carefully selected based on criteria such as hygiene standards and the quality of hospitality services (and is regularly checked for compliance), as well as on how safe and pleasant the surroundings are;
have your very own, personalised guidebook on hand, complete with a programme of your stay, relevant tips, suggestions about possible fun activities, and other helpful information;
can keep in touch with the organiser throughout your stay...

In this case, your trip stands a very good chance of becoming an enriching carefree experience.

 Single-room accommodation is provided at no extra charge. Also, you may benefit from considerable discounts if you come round for a term-time vacation rather than during school holidays.

~ Solo Women Travellers ~

Several thematic weeks just for you in 2020, all of them in the second semester of 2020. 

The Most Beautiful Beaches Of Crete ...

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... A peace of heaven on Earth

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Let's spend Christmas Holidays together !

From december 20/2020 to january 10/2021 *
I invite Solo Women Travellers to join me in a magical place in Greece.  
Every week, a program of visits and activities is set, that you are free to follow or not. I will be with you, so I can advice and inform you about the program and if needed propose some over activites that match more your tastes. 
The point is to feel free without the presure to follow the group.
For example you can spend the day by you own and join the group for dinner.

This Christmas holidays is the opportunity to share a sisterhood moment 

in simple and friendly vibes.

* You don't have to arrive sunday and leave saturday, you choose your travel dates and join us when you can.

    Maximum 12 persons