One of the main purposes of a vacation is to relax and get some rest. But different people may associate rest and relaxation with different things like:

 swimming and sunbathing;
 walking in the mountains to take in some fresh air along with the panoramic views;
 renting a pretty house complete with cooking facilities and a garden, where to enjoy self-prepared  meals; or, rather, staying in a guesthouse with all meals cooked and served by the hosts;
 engaging in some wellness practice (beauty care, massage, meditation, etc.) to reinvigorate and harmonise one's body, mind and spirit. 

 Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia, Mother Nature generously offers us a wealth of balneological  and mud-bathing options, with the region being home to many geothermal hot springs and therapeutic clay deposits known ever since the Antiquity.  Come try for yourself the healing powers of those renowned mineral-rich spas!

Made-to-measure travel is all about freedom well organised.

 You will benefit from individual guidance from beginning to end (that is, from your trip project's conception all the way through to its realisation). And back home, you are most welcome to provide feedback, sending your impressions along with a filled-in satisfaction questionnaire.
 There are as many travel ideas as there are travellers out there. And your trip is going to be an exceptional one, just because it will be built in line with your own tastes, preferences, and dreams, as well as taking due account of the means at your disposal.
 The programme for you stay is 100% flexible and easy to adjust to your travel dates, your theme preferences (arts & culture, nature, sports & recreation, relaxation...), your pace, your schedule, etc. Created with a view to reflecting your unique individuality, your trip  will be a one-off.