Would you like any further information about the New Odyssey's philosophy and values? Or an estimate for your dream trip project? Then fill in the form below, mentioning as many meaningful particulars as possible:  your vision of a perfect trip, the dates when you are planning to travel, the budget at your disposal, some special needs you may have, your dreams and aspirations... We're talking about YOUR trip here, so even some minor details may prove instrumental in translating into reality a project that, ideally, should reflect yourself and your uniqueness as a human being. Following our initial contact via this form, we can either go on to communicate by phone/Skype or continue exchanging emails. I speak French, English and Greek. 

(tentative if your plans are still work in progress)(tentative if your plans are still work in progress)

  NB :

Please be advised that contact forms filled in with incomplete or false information will not be accepted. 

The right of access to one's personnal data

Your personal details will be processed exclusively by the New Odyssey ; in no case will they be transferred (let alone, sold) to a third party.
Under legislation currently in effect (Article 34 of the French Republic's Information Technology and Freedoms Law ("Informatique et Libertés"), enacted on January 5, 1978), you are entitled to access, modify, correct and remove your personal data. Should you need to do so, please write at: manager@nouvelle-odyssee.com.

travel dates

It is up to you to decide when to come and go. You don't have to book accommodation with a preset occupancy period (say, one week starting  from a Saturday), which is usually the case in the mass-tourism sector.
You arrive any day that suits you, whether it be a Monday, a Thursday, etc.
You stay as long as you want to: 2 days, 2 weeks, 12 days...
And, of course, you'll have
the freedom to organise your vacation time as you see fit, without having to adjust your personal schedule to that of your travel companions (an inconvenience that is inevitable when travelling as part of a tour group).

Details to specify :

- Are you planning to rent a car?
- Do you want your holiday accommodation to be close to public transport, shops and other amenities? Or the farther away from civilisation, the better?
- Do you prefer self-catering accommodation? 
- Is having a sea view vital to you? 
- Do you need a double bed or a twin bed?
- If you are travelling with a young child, will there be a need for a baby cot bed?
- Would you like to have a daily breakfast service?  
- Have you got a special diet to follow? ...

best time to contact me ? 

The sooner, the better 

There is nothing weird about requesting a quotation even as far in advance as 12 months, especially if the trip you are looking to realise is a special one for you. An early start will give us enough time to look into all the details that may make a difference during your stay (your needs and preferences, your budget, etc.), as well as to check availability for the type of accommodation you need, to draw up a cost estimate...

At short notice, your trip has a far lesser chance of getting properly organised. This is particularly true of trips planned for July and August. So if that's when you are looking to go on holiday, you have to be particularly aware of the time factor, otherwise your vacation project may leave you in total disillusionment.

If you crave for a seaside getaway in high season, not starting to make your preparations until April may prove a short-sighted strategy. The best accommodation options* are very much sought-after for the summertime period, so it's hardly surprising they should sell out long in advance.

*I partner exclusively with
 small accommodation providers, running B&B's, guesthouses, hotels whose room capacity does not exceed 15...  

 Airplane tickets

The New Odyssey is not a travel agency and does not take care of its clients' flight bookings. However, you are most welcome to ask for assistance and advice in finding suitable flights.   

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