Your personalized trip, according your needs, budget, time, dreams, own pace... 
For a unique and worry free travel experience.

My mission:

 Organising for you - and with you - the kind of holiday that will suits you best. Together we can co-create a unique travel experience in line with your interests, needs and dreams as well as with the amount of time and the budget that you have at your disposal.

How does it work ?

 You give me your travel idea (if you don't have any, I'll be happy to suggest something inspiring), and I then use it as the basis for a made-to-measure programme that would take into account your specific needs and desires, as well as whether you are travelling solo or as a couple, with your family or a group of friends.

You can get a Free Cost Estimate  for your dream trip project.

Aims and goals :

  Authentic travel experiences in total autonomy and at your own pace
  High quality services 
  Direct contact with locals
  Fair trade tourism

For Responsible Travellers : preferring authentic, off-the-beaten-track trips to mass tourism and interested in getting to know a country's natural and cultural heritage as well as its people.


Tailor -made holidays built around the principles of Sustainable Tourism  

and in harmony with the natural, cultural and social environment of places to visit.

Commitment to partner exclusively with small family businesses. 

The motive behind being to maintain the quality of the services provided, as well as to :

 Support economic activities that could benefit the local population (which is particularly important for rural communities)

 Ensure preservation of an area's natural, cultural and social resources

 Create conditions for traveller's contact with local inhabitants in an authentic, non touristy way.

Arranging theme Trips :

The New Odyssey organises theme trips intended for groups of no more than 14 travellers. The size limit helps to make sure each member's personal needs and interests are reckoned with and that the friendly vibes within a group are maintained all along. One other reason is to avoid disturbing local wildlife (for trips that involve nature outings).

The Nouvelle Odyssée's Hallmark:

 Non-standard, made-to-measure trips, to suit your budget, lifestyle, needs and aspirations
 Arrival and departure dates to be chosen at your convenience
 detailed programme of your stay, complete with relevant travel tips so that you can have an enjoyable and smooth-running trip
Affordable prices due to the use of local partners' services
Local tour guides that you can trust and that will help you get an authentic travel experience
  The Nouvelle Odyssée's Travel Philosophy : Openness (experiencing one's own Odyssey journey with the eyes, mind and heart wide open).
Slow Tourism Taking one's time to explore little by little ("siga-siga" in Greek). 

Indeed, when you have no group to catch up with and there is no rush for you to get to your next destination, why not  let yourself forget time for a while, contemplating a sunset, enjoy a relaxed chat with locals, or just indulging in the "dolce farniente" ?