Voyageurs à mobilité réduite

For everyone, finding the ideal accommodation where to spend holidays is a source of much questioning (it must be suitable for all members of the family) and research (rent abroad can prove to be a real adventure). The quality of accommodation depends on its location, the style of accommodation (size, layout, decoration ...) and related services (reception, hygiene). It is the biggest budget of the holidays and it is often this who determines the success of the stay. Indeed, a hotel room, an apartment or a house, must be a comfortable, functional place, where the travelers rest.
For people with reduced mobility, the often forgotten factor is the location of the rental. Because a room or an apartment equipped especially for their needs can be disappointing if the environment is not suitable. What's the point of renting a flat if you want to go down to the beach, you have to go down a lot of stairs or if you want to eat in the small restaurant of the area, you have to climb a highway? This is why it is necessary, even imperative, to choose accommodation according to its interior but also according to its external situation, in order to make the most of the place visited and ensure a pleasant stay.