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 rural greece                                                                              (perfect for slowtourism and nature lovers)

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You probably heard a lot of things about Greece.

Specialy since 2010... Specialy about the economic crisis...

What about the people ? Their daily life ?

I invite you to discover the rural Greece,

 the most authentic side of this country, 

far from any cliché. 

  Transports: by feet, local bus or taxi.
The city of Nafplio is 20 min far by local bus or 10 min with taxi, a beautiful place to spend the evenings, enjoying the many (many!!) bars and taverns, shops and boutiques.

 As the accommodations are close to the beach and the sea still warm in september, you can enjoy every day the cristal blue water of the area.

Day 1 : Citrus and olives land (Walk)
Walking through the fields: Argolida area is an important producer of citrus (oranges, lemons, grappefruits), in a lawer level olive tree.
Day 2 : Village lifestyle (walk)
Going to the local market for fresh vegetables and fruits, fishes, but also clothes and over useful items; after walking to the nearest fisher village
Day 3 : Delicious, healthy local products (visit)
Discovering how olive oil is made, then ouzo and over local liquors. Tasting local wines...
Day 4 : Island life or free time
Relaxing one day cruise to the islands or free time (to visit ancient sites for example )
Day 5 : When farming meet mass tourism (walk)
When fishers men decided to become hotel managers... Can people grow economicly AND preserve nature ?  (possibilty to swim as we follow the coast by the beach). 

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From 23 To 28 September (Booking untill 30th of june)

Minimum of 4 participants, maximum 12