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 Odyssey between Ancient and modern Greece

Time doesn't exist in Greece: wherever you go, you will find 

a part of history, you jump from a very modern and cosmopolite place to the ruins of an ancient site,

 making your mind travel through centuries 

with always something to discover. 

  Transports: by feet, local bus or taxi.

Sea is still warm in september, you will have time to enjoy the clear water of Greece.

Day 1: Nafplio the jewel of continental Greece
Odyssey through the times of the first capitale of modern Greece 
Day 2: " Let food be your medicine "
How we use to heal in antiquity, what left from ancestral knowledge today to live a healthy life ?
Day 3 : The oldest towns of Greece 
From Argos, the oldest town of Greece ( still a very lively city nowaday) to the brillant civilisation of Mycenae
Day 4 : On the path of Homerus 
Walking on the countryside, or following the beach trail, from a village to an ancient site mentioned by Homerus, to a modern touristic resort.
Day 5 : Greek islands through the times
1 day cruise to Hydra and Spetses: life on the islands now and then.

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From 16 To 21 September  (Booking untill 30th of june)

Minimum of 4 participants, maximum 12